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    Howdy people. I'm in the market for an experienced NodeBB plugin developer with experience in AngularJS.

    I initially have some work around the Redactor plugin which will be Open Source. I'm hoping we can also developer an AngularJS skeleton that can be used by the wider community. After that, if you're talented and we work well together I will have some product specific development work, more than enough to keep someone busy.

    When I say "I'm hiring" it'll actually be through my company, so you'll need to be able to provide invoices for your work to keep my accountant and the tax man happy.

    Please message me with:

    • Your github
    • Any Angular projects you've worked on
    • Any theme work you've done
    • A linkedin if you're on there
    • Your day rate (8h) or your hour rate (and what currency you're using)
    • Your location (country)
    • Hours per week you'd be available to develop

    If you'd like to creep on me you can see my linked in at drew.pro. I'm an experienced dev so you'll be working for someone who understands development, rather than an idiot from a marketing department.

    Also you'll get bonus points if you've experience with infrastructure and deployment in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, however a good dev without EB experience is still a viable candidate.

    Message me on here or email me directly.

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    @drew said:

    Message me on here or email me directly.


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    @pitaj it's a Google for Business email so the spam filters can worry about that.

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    Bumping in case this got lost in the weekend.

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    @julian and team, surprised you guys haven't reached out for this work. No interest, or too busy?

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    If you're paying me to learn angular too, sure 😛

    I have really limited experience, just for messing about no real-world experience.

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