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    I my opinion Nodejs and Nodebb is the best thing that has happened for a long time!

    I myself have the LAMP skills and i feel that everything i know is a temporary waste, but i feel the need to evolve and learn something new and better. At the moment i use Nodebb and PHPBB as forum software and if it weren't for the migration hassle i would migrate all my forums to NodeBB. (I use phpbb 3.1)

    I feel that NodeBB is in the baby stage ie 0.x.x and not even a 1.0. yet. But i really like it and it has a lot of promise in my mind. My project at the moment is to build a "package" that i can use for all my customer instead of Wordpress (BTW Wordpress sucks but i dont have time to setup systems fast when writing everything from scratch for customers)

    Here is my temporary dev: http://dev.web.nodebb.se/ (As you can see, it works great for webpage usage)

    What I looking for is

    • Fast to setup
    • Fast to render
    • Blog support
    • Discussion support in both chat and forum
    • Custom pages inc custom startpage
    • Smtp mail support and forms
    • other misc stuff that makes this awesome project work as a webpage maker

    At the moment I have everything that i need except the smtp and mail stuff and maybe the question on stability for production use šŸ˜‰

    I just want to say, thanks to all the people making this possible šŸ™‚

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    @pitaj thanks! Yes that was the glorious piece of writing I intended to post šŸ™‚

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    @pitaj said:

    @BDHarrington7 You linked to the wrong article, here you go:

    PHP is a Fractal of Bad Design

    šŸ‘ this is a good read, another one is http://www.phpwtf.org/

    The nbb team have worked with php for years, we did a few cool things in our history together like Facebook games (flash & mobile with php backend) that reached millions MAU

    Now that we've experienced scaling NodeBB for clients that have had millions of pageviews per month, my personal perspective is that I feel a lot more comfortable working with node.js, from both scaling and security aspects

  • @psychobunny Another reason to not learn PHP kids šŸ˜›

  • My first post here. I came here because of....yes, node.js!

    IBM just entered node.js through StrongLoop last month. Node.js is coming to the enterprise whether you like it or not. Those who will not adapt will be left behind.

  • I think (and I'm a relative newbie to node) that the guy has a specific set of skills and feels threatened by "rival" technologies. I learned ASP at college and mentioned in class I'd like to teach myself PHP (which I did). One guy who was pretty clued up on ASP already looked at me as if I'd stabbed his cat, whining about how much better this was.

    To me it didn't matter, him though it was not dissimilar to seeing a particularly "loyal" PS4 owner shoot down anyone suggesting they might enjoy the new Halo game. Pure petty fanboyism. Then, he did say css wouldn't become anything more than a gimmick forced upon designers. And he liked IE7.

    I know PHP has its flaws, as does SQL (hence non-sql databases have long been gaining in popularity) and I'm sure NodeJS probably does too (I'm no expert on it), but his opinion lacks any objective comparison. It's worth taking time to read opinion on the matter but you won't ever satisfy this guy if you make the switch, ever, even if everything is better tenfold.

  • @Danny-McWilliams said:

    I know PHP has its flaws, as does SQL (hence non-sql databases have long been gaining in popularity) and I'm sure NodeJS probably does too (I'm no expert on it), but his opinion lacks any objective comparison. It's worth taking time to read opinion on the matter but you won't ever satisfy this guy if you make the switch, ever, even if everything is better tenfold.

    I wouldn't group PHP and SQL together like that. PHP is a clusterfuck. I code it professionally from time to time and I dislike it a lot. I have coded some 20+ languages and while Perl can give you a proper headache, it's not as broken as PHP. SQL is a language and for what it aim to do, it's perfectly fine. It's RDBMS that are going out of style, not SQL per se. Relational databases do some things great and quite a few things not so great. RDBMS' have also dominated the industry for years. Thankfully the industry is now churning out products that do a task properly instead of trying to shoehorn any task into a specific product (I'm looking at you, Oracle!).

    If you want to look up a cool database, check out http://neo4j.com/ I really want to convert a RDBMS based system to Neo4j to test it out. I should really test Mongo as well.

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    -1 for videos with robot voice, btw.

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    @ron_jeremy said:

    • node.js is insecure crap written by children with no clue how the world works, I simply cannot dissuade you enough from running any of it in production. I base this on 25+ yrs experience in internet programming and hosting, I'm not just being a grouchy old prick (but it's true I am also a grouchy old prick). The inventor of node (Ryan Dahl) is literally a moron, he spouted off loudly about how it was the greatest most efficient thing ever to his legions of javascript fanbois, only thing is he has no clue about computer science really and he was soundly debunked, but too stupid to even accept it or realize it. Then their poor choices fucked it up so badly none of the Linux distros would even allow it in their packages... they made it so horrendously insecure (with statically linked dependencies like OpenSSL and the V8 javascript library) that he had to "resign" (after < 5 years! nice job Einstein, LOL!) Finally joyent has managed to have a team of less stupid people make it unsketchy enough that the distros allow it again in their package managers... But it's a hell of a long way from "good" or something I'd sanely run in production. I pretty much (along with most experienced programmers and admins) feel this way about it,

    I've got 26+ years in software engineering and IT. What "internet programming" does he mean from the 1980s? I'm serious. That's not even a realistic number to through out for that. What exactly does he claim to have been writing?

    This is a rant so unprofessional that the rant alone should have told you that he was grasping at straws to try to make a point he can't make technically.

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    @ron_jeremy said:

    As for the hosting, if you're hellbent on hosting it yourself, you're going to want to at least proxy the node.js stuff via Apache or nginx or some other reverse proxy webserver, but that still won't stop it from being easily DoS'ed .....

    Here is your red flag. Everyone who doesn't know web development and design in the real world focuses on being DoS attacked. Why? Because it is the cool, scary word that they heard on TV. Wake up to the real world, only a handful of massive websites or really aggravating groups get DoS'd in the real world. This isn't a threat for normal people and normal websites. This is a completely naive thing to be concerned about for a forum of this nature. I run the tech site of the busiest NodeBB forum that we know of (tens of thousands of posts per thread, millions of views on a single thread, nearly a thousand daily posts, over 10K views an hour) and these concerns are quite simply, silly.

    This is what a little kid trying to talk about IT sounds like. In the real world, being DoS attacked is not something that happens every day. That takes time and energy and requires someone with a goal. And if you want to protect against it, which I've needed to do, the platform that you run on isn't where that tooling is going to be.

    I'd stop talking to this guy.

  • @AOKP Great post, dude! Do you mind sharing your site's url? I have some of my sites now IPB and I've been looking to move them.

  • @cytrax you can find it on my profile:

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    Whoa, wait. Wait a minute. Did that guy actually watch the bear video he sent you? I don't think he did. Because I watched a bunch of them.

    All of them are VERY clever videos in support of the technology they appear to be mocking for the first 90% of the video.

    He sent you a video that praises node.js šŸ˜†

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    @yariplus I could have sworn you just said Lisp XD

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