Can it work if home is other than categories ...

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  • This looks great and neat.
    One question, I hv changed my home page in ACP via
    "General-->Home Page--> Home page Route" to one of the forum categories**(Discussion Forum)** .
    In this case my new home page at the landing is not "Categories" page. i am not getting the cards on the landing page now.
    I suppose it works only in Categories (Default Home Page) currently. Is there a way, I can get it work on different page as home page route ?

    Has any one done this way ?
    It will be great, if it is possible. thanks.

  • I think it does work, although I believe there's still a bug where if you reload NodeBB from the ACP it disappears. You have to restart instead. Give that a shot?

  • Unfortunately No. It does n't come up , I hv tried after restarting too. any possible tweak to make it work ? thanks.

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