Load Balancing?

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  • I followed the walk-through to get things setup on Heroku and somehow this question never occurred to me:

    Does NodeBB support load-balancing? Are there any in-memory data structures that aren't managed through Redis/Mongo (web sockets?) that would cause problems with spinning up extra web dynos to handle additional user load?

  • Untested, but in a nutshell, theoretically, there shouldn't be any problems.

    All user data is stored on Redis, including sessions, meaning it is possible to spin up a cluster of NodeBB instances for load balancing purposes.

    Outside of heroku, I've been thinking of using something like pm2 to try this out.

  • @julian Good to know it's theoretically possible.

    We may be your first guinea pigs :). I'll let you know how it goes once we get there.

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