If I mention a group @GROUP should it notify all group members?

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  • Hi, I'm here again with a question, on our forum we were trying out the mentions plugin, and it works... for users, if I try mentioning a group it doesn't looks like it's sending a notification to anyone, plus this is what it was showing on the Logs:

    25/9 18:10 [6376] - error: /topic/20/prueba-notificaci%F3n-a-grupo
     URIError: Failed to decode param 'prueba-notificaci%F3n-a-grupo'
        at decodeURIComponent (native)
        at decode_param (C:\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\router\layer.js:167:12)
        at Layer.match (C:\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\router\layer.js:143:15)
        at matchLayer (C:\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\router\index.js:557:18)
        at next (C:\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\router\index.js:216:15)
        at Function.handle (C:\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\router\index.js:176:3)
        at router (C:\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\router\index.js:46:12)
        at Layer.handle [as handle_request]     (C:\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\router\layer.js:95:5)
        at trim_prefix (C:\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\router\index.js:312:13)
        at C:\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\router\index.js:280:7

    I don't know if it didn't like the name of the post, so I tried one without special characters, and sure it didn't log an error for that one but yet... no notifications.

    Thank you for the help.

  • I checked the solution and it works ! , thank you very much, though I applied the change on the file directly because if I update the whole project the emailer-local stops working... but I guess that's a complete different issue ^_^ .

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