My admin user profile "doesnt exist"

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  • Hi, i had 2 users with the same name (for test purpose, facebook and google auth) and when i deleted the normal one, my profile was deleted for the first user...


    Can anyone give me a hint how to recover my profile page?

    Just updated last version of nodebb v0.8.x and im using mongodb

  • Hmm, that sounds like a bug, you shouldn't be able to create two users with the same name.

    When you delete the account, it removes it's entry in the 'userslug:uid' set which that route uses to lookup your profile info, as well as a bunch of other sets. But it doesn't delete your user object at 'user:{uid}' (because your other account has a different uid). You would have to re-add your username to the sets it's removed from in user.delete. I'm unfortunately not sure the exact command you would have to use in mongod though. 😞 You should be able to find your original users uid in /api/users though. 🐦 Renaming the account from the acp may also work.

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    I build my website base on nodebb.
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    at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1186:14), code=ETIMEDOUT, errno=ETIMEDOUT, syscall=connect, address=, port=443

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    crap, i forgot to activate the google+ api 😛