How to get notifications for new users and all forum posts?

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    I want to get email notification if a new user registers and if a new post is published.

    Some plugin or setting for this?

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    I can't find any setting for it. Would be relatively easy to do it with a plugin. Just call sendToEmail on the hook.

    That could end up being a whole lot of emails though! 🍌

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    FYI: I use a plugin so I will get notification when someone registers

    I'm not sure you will want to get an email any anyone makes a post.
    But you can watch a thread and get an email notification when someone posts there.
    That's built in check your user profile settings.. Again, even this can become too much as your forum grows.

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    @tfraley @yariplus In my case I have a new and not very active forum, so I don't visit it daily. If a spammer registers and posts something a notification would be fine.

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