NodeBB admin panel forum software update?

Feature Requests
  • Are there plans to have an easy way to update ones website, i.e. through pressing an update button, as opposed to having to do not-always-straightforward file manipulations on the server. If there's anything to draw from modern web applications, this is one of those things. 👍

    At this moment, for example, my board is 0.7.2, and my web developer is gone. You may have already implemented this in 8.1 but I wouldn't know, since I haven't a clue how to update... xD

  • We do offsite installations and upgrades, message [email protected]

    Of course, we do have docs so you should try it yourself just back up everything first!

    Edit: to answer your original question, we do plan on building an upgrade button into our hosting plans control panel - right now we just upgrade customers manually. It's probably impossible (or hard) to make an app upgrade itself via acp, we would need to make the acp a standalone application (we've toyed around the idea, but not worth the development time)

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