Rocket Redux, a re-vamped Rocket theme based off of Persona

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    A little while ago, @psychobunny toyed with a theme called "Rocket", and eventually published it to npm. Not too much happened to it, although he later went on to create the Persona theme, which is now NodeBB's default.

    Rocket ended up being a testbed for some experimental features that made it into NodeBB (and some that did not). (e.g. the groups' pages cover photos were originally in the user profiles section of Rocket themes)

    A client of ours was interested in using this theme, so we fixed it up, removed the broken bits, polished the rough edges, and re-released it as a child theme of Persona (used to be a child theme of vanilla)!

    Main Index

    Category Dropdown

    Install the theme via your ACP. 😄

  • Oohhh my... That looks amazing.

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    Added a slight bit of shading to the category links...


  • Has anyone spun up a public box with this theme yet for us to play around with?
    If not, I will later. If you have, thanks for saving me the effort. X

  • First impression:

    Background colour is ignored. Maybe that should be the 'background shading colour? You'd need to be able to set its alpha though.

    The top post text over the image is kind of ugly.


    Chat and star button's don't see to actually do anything.

    Clicking the overall image div doesn't take you to the category view.

  • The mobile version. AHHH MY EYES
    unnamed (1).png

  • This is a clean install btw.

    mkdir /var/nodebb
    cd /var/nodebb
    git clone .
    git checkout -b v0.8.x
    npm install
    npm install nodebb-theme-rocket-redux
    ./nodebb setup
    ./nodebb start

    Login, ACP, Appearance, themes, rocket.

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    @drew said:

    The mobile version. AHHH MY EYES
    unnamed (1).png

    LOL yes.. Mobile is... a work in progress. My condolences for your eyes.

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