• @julian

    I would really like a way of putting text to one side of an image, There is just so much wasted space when using images, makes me not want to use them.
    Is there a current way of doing this or a way to add it? Or am I overlooking something?

    Napkin 08-31-15, 4.21.26 PM.png

  • You could use markdown tables. It's a messy hack. But could work.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Thing is, it's kind of hard to express "image float left" in Markdown. Simply put, there's no way to do it ­čśä

    You could do such a thing using the Redactor composer, however... that may be something you'd want to consider.

  • Yhea just figured I was something to note, maybe for a future, adding options to the picture icon that could float it as you say.

    I love markdown and use it daily for writing articles.
    I've tried Redactor and it's nice, but in the end, I went back to default one.

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