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    I'm starting using NodeBB. It works great till so far.
    The most important functionality of my site is email notification. The only way I know to do this is asking everyone to watch a thread. But this is not straight forward.
    What I want is some utilities that can send emails to all the users in a group. Is it possible with current version?

    P.S. I think notification to all users when new post in a certain category suffices.

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    @julian "windows 4 lyf" 😆 Waiting for my Pi b+ to arrive! then I'll load ubuntu on that and use it as my development board, keep the normal b model pi for XBMC. Not sure how easy it is to cluster the raspberry pi.

    However for something that's made in the UK, it takes long enough to post to me...

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    Yeah, I am at a loss at this point. When you run the repolist command I am not seeing it show the EPEL repository, yet when you try to install it it says you already have it.

    This isn't really a NodeBB problem though, so we can't really blame the NodeBB script for it. It's almost like Yum itself is messed up. You might be able to get extra help from the CentOS community though, or if someone else here is more of a CentOS expert?

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    Thank you very much, @Julian! Everything now works fine! Looks like the URLs did change, so an update in the templates was needed 🙂