Tags in thread list don't use colors assigned to them

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    @andreas-pcw can you look in the log for errors?

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    Noticed they do not work on my 0.7.2 atm

    I've enabled topic thumbnails? and file upload (mite help reproduce the bug)

    Thank you. ❤

    should prolly also mention topic thumbnail upload file option gave me this nice big red error message 😞 something to do with MSIE i think

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    You've disabled the search feature of your forum. The search plugin works.

    You don't need to run nodebb upgrade when installing plugins. Nor do you need to disable it either. Nodebb reset plugins switches off all of your plugins.

    Go into your ACP and switch your installed plugins back to Active, restarting NodeBB each time until it crashes, post here the full crash log (looking for the name of the plugin), chances are their will be an update for it. To update a plugin

    npm i plugin-name@latest

    That's all you need to do, you don't need to upgrade or update. Go into your ACP and reload your forum.

    Only do nodebb upgrade when you pull the latest files. And don't reset plugins unless you're having an issue with plugins and you don't know which one. to disable a specific plugin, ./nodebb reset plugin="nodebb-plugin-name"

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    @RalphORama Yeah Cloudflare doesn't support websockets unless you're on one of the two top tiers, pro or business I believe.

  • [solved] Can't save settings

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    @julian he, glad we're not the only ones 🙂