nodebb-plugin-youtube-lite creating video frames for regular links?

  • 0.4.4, have tested it with your videos, now works. 👍

  • @a_5mith Thanks!! The videos work now! However, I'm not sure if it's the plugin but, now whenever I click on the videos the video panel is smaller than usual? Also, it keeps having that "loading..." label near the bottom for all the videos?

  • The problem is still persisting and thought it was originally because of custom CSS. It seems that no one else is having this issue but me.

    Anyone have an idea what could be going on with the videos?

  • FreeBSD/OpenBSD

    @SimonQ I have NoScript enabled by default. When I go to your forum, the videos are fine. But when I allow javascript from your domain name, they behave like you described. I would look into your custom header (i.e. javascript) if I were you. I hope it helps.

  • @hukadan The strange thing is though is that when I edit and submit the current post the videos are fine and works. However upon refreshing the page again it goes back to the way it was.

    I do not have a custom header but, I do have a custom sidebar which by the looks of it does not seem to affect the links.

    This is a head scratcher for me

  • FreeBSD/OpenBSD

    @SimonQ I am not using the last version of this plugin (I made a fork when the regex issue arised) so I could not reproduce your problem. So I just tried on a testing version of the forum I am in charge and I observe the same behaviour. So it is not just you. I suppose it is a question of tweaking the css though. I will try to have look but I am VERY far to be an expert.

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