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  • Hi,
    I was thinking about a feature that lets website administrators to create a network of NodeBB instances where databases are synchronized to let users to communicate and comment on all sites from one site. Other features would be:

    • If one administrator wants to leave the network, simply be able to disconnect his site from network.
    • If a new administrator wants to join the network, he be able to do that (where network agree with joining of him)


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    Place a link to a outline in the original post. Presto, integration without really integrating the code. Even this half baked setup is superior to all dedicated pm solutions that I have tried. For me, efficiency is the primary factor when evaluating software. How quickly we can download the data we need and upload our input. Number of clicks is a useful metric.

    Having every resource available on the home page is a highly efficient design for a workflow tool. I view nodebb as the best version of this concept.

    Its easy to recommend the popular product. Actually testing all of them to isolate value is challenging. Try not to anchor yourself until you've done the research.

  • SMF to NodeBB

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    Hey just wanted to say "thanks" to @a_5mith for creating the SMF importer/exporter thing! Haven't tried it out yet but it's nice to see that it exists (even if you do have to upgrade in a roundabout way).

    Also adding these terms to the thread so that people can find it when searching (turns out nobody said "SimpleMachines" or "Simple Machines", just SMF).

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    @Pilvinen said in How to improve Nodebb - few suggestions from the top of my head:

    Thread tools: Edit poster/adopt post
    The admin should be able to switch the owner of the post. (right now I have orphan posts left over from import and the only way to change their owner is to use the redis-cli). Probably not a very popular/useful feature in general, but should be simple enough to implement because why not?

    Is this possible yet?



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    Shouldn't this request be directed to Taptalk Inc? They seem to charge both the app user and the forum maintainer for "pro" features.

    As this is an open source project, they're free to provide a NodeBB taptalk plugin and earn more money 😉

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    @Giorgio-Chiodi at the moment, the Pushbullet API is not mature enough to allow pushes to NodeBB... But it will be, soon!

    However, this brings up the problem of which category to push to... 🙂