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  • I've just launched my NodeBB forum but feel I need to publish some forum rules and etiquette guidelines. Does anyone have any links to good examples of these? I need to get a feel for the kind of information to include.

    Also, where abouts on my website is a good place to publish these? Perhaps as a topic? Or a standard page such as

  • If you feel it is pretty important in your forum you can post it as an html widget on your home page, referencing to a post explaining the rules. That way it has a lot visibility.

  • You can add a Terms of Service before a user signs up that they have to agree to. At least that way if they're not sure why you removed a post, you can say you agreed to the terms when you signed up.

    On the other hand, rules are pointless, no one will read them, they'll get ignored, then argued about when you try to enforce it. Just keep it simple and along the lines of "don't be an idiot."

    Hope this helps.

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