Trying to get forums design customized.

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  • I have a few questions.

    1 is the design of the forums locked to the theme. Adding my custom CSS doesn't seem to work. I am very new to coding so I am sure I have done something wrong. Anyways here is my CSS
    a {
    2 I saw something about this theme designer plugin that looks awesome but I simply cannot find it anywhere. Has the name changed for it. Is it even still live?

  • You probably need to be more specific with your rule selector (the 'a' part). If another rule is more specific, it will overwrite yours. Examples:

    An 'a' tag with a class: a.someclass
    An 'a' tag as the child of a 'div' tag: div > a
    An 'a' tag after a tag with an id: #someid + a

    If any of such rules exist, they will overwrite yours. You can see what rules are active in most browsers by right-clicking something and choosing 'Inspect'

    Other things: Make sure the little checkbox 'Use Custom CSS' below is checked. Try restarting nbb and clearing your browser cache if nothing else works.

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