How to remove all topics and posts from database?

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    @gotwf I pretty much agree with you, but you need agree with me that need to develop such an extension that allows for such filtering

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    The page Recent at a forum which uses NodeBB shows only 10 pages of "recent" topics.
    When I am at the 10th page, the ">" sign at the bottom of the page isn't clickable (has no link).

    I even tried to manually go to the next page by means of typing https://thedomain/forum/recent?page=11, but it returns

    There are no recent topics.

    I want to be able to read older topics because I'm trying to catch up (during a few last months I've been reading that forum quite rarely).

    Is it possible for the forum admin to enable showing all previous topics on the Recent page?
    Thank you in advance!

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    Currently it looks like the groups only load 10 posts and that is it, is there anyway to turn on auto scroll or at least increase this limit?



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    I'm running the standard persona theme, and on mobile it's really unintuitive how to get to the title entry place (you have to tap on the main text entry and then use the up and down buttons on the keyboard to move to the field up above). Furthermore, the text color is the same as the background so you can't even tell you are typing. This seems to be a problem with the Yeti skin.

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    @g0st Pushed an update so that the topic cards use the topic thumbnail if available, and added a few extra options in the widget config.

    Feel free to open any other feature requests in the github issues.