How to add own picture in EMOJI EXTENDED plugin

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    I try to add pictures name in !index.list and upload these picture.
    But when i post with new picture, it didn't work, open picture's link show
    /plugins/nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended/images/t_00.png [[gl*bal:404.title]]
    [[gl*bal:404.message, {c*nfig.relative_path}]
    DId it have another plugin can do this ?

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    Ok, i fix it. It's my fault, i forgot change file name:bowtie:

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    Additional information about this:

    • you can add your emoji-name within these lines to show it within emoji-dialog of the composer.
    • when clicking the "update emoji" button within ACP your emoji and the entry from within the !index.list will get removed, so be careful here 😉

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