• Good day everyone.
    I've tested a few plugins and they seem to have their drawbacks

    I would like an easy way for our users to embed media example youtube.
    I don't want them to have to remember brackets etc. Just a simple past into the composer.

    I do want a plugin that can handle most sit's even make it configuable
    So something with a back end that I can just add rules say if youtube.com/* embed and it would know what to embed
    This way I can choose or limit say maybe I don't want to twitter so I just choose not to make a rule for it.

    There seems to be allot of embedded plugin's but nothing this simple. I would like an everything in one.

    If we can't make it as simple as adding a URL, then how about the back panel creates a new button for a composer that will put the needed tags kinda like blood. But again a different button for each rule

    Just my thoughts, if I missed a plugin or a way to currently do this please let me know

  • @ogerly

    Great plugin, but looking for something where new users do not need to learn and know they have to include a tag around things.
    Also would like it not to be limited to just video, I would like to see other things like twitter and Spotify playlists etc..

    Now I am not a Plugin dev and what I'm asking may not be possible, but making it configurable to manage them as well would be nice. Another example, maybe I want to include YouTube, but not Vimeo or visa versa.

    simplistically is key, I don't want people to learn a new way of doing things. If We can't just drop links with out tags then we might as well use bbcode and create custom buttons for each service

  • What platforms are you going to have?
    List out please.

    I can extend the plugin.

    I'm still learning.
    how one can edit it in the admin area itself. I do not know that yet.

  • off the top of my head.


    Apple Music

    Apple apps OSX & iOS

  • OK. I'll see what I can put in your list. have little time but it will begin the next day try. I sign up if there is news :trollface:

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @a_5mith has developed a number of individual embed plugins, youtube, vimeo, etc. You could consider trying those out.

  • @julian

    Thank you I have looked into them.

    The way I see it the Less plugins you need to manage the better, so having them all wrapped into one plugin means less long time issue with updates or the possibility for development stopping on one of them.

    It just seems counter productive to have multiple add ons that all do the same thing.

    Any how thats just my thinking, one of the reasons I left wordpress after many years. I spend way to much time troubleshooting and managing the service and plugins, which took away from creating content.

    Be careful of what you wish for it can also be the down fall

  • @tfraley

    mixcloud, spotify, pinterest is added


    I keep working 😉

  • Seems the plugin has stopped working for me today, was it due to the nodebb update yesterday?

  • Hasn't been working for some time, If you can lend a hand to get this up and going that would be great.

    i'm not sure where the problem lies, It was working before.

    Any how if i use composer reactor and disable markdown it works fine
    Using default composer & markdown does not work
    using just default composer and disable markdown not working

    I'm not sure what is causing it to be honest

  • I disabled all my plugins with the exeptions of yours and default composer and still no luck

  • OK think I got it working.

    Not sure why it does not work when markdown is disabled
    but with markdown enabled and the option Autoconvert url-like texts to links checked it's working

  • The regex is looking for an HTML link, not just the YouTube URL etc. whatever composer you use needs to convert your link into an HTML clickable link before the regex grabs it and converts it to the embed.

  • @a_5mith thanks for the explanation, makes allot of sense

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