Finished the installation but can't see NodeBB in a web browser

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  • I tried to access my website using the port number 4567 in the browser but I see nothing NodeBB-related.

    I ran ./nodebb log and this is what I got:


    1. Do I do anything to config.json such as adding the port number?
    2. I am on Digital Ocean and I want to install NodeBB on a subdomain. So, after setting up DNS in my Digital Ocean control panel, I went to my browser and typed the URL including the subdomain then put at the end :4567, but I didn't see anything.
  • If you're accessing it through a subdomain make sure you have your subdomain configured in your config.json file in your root NodeBB folder.

    Also, since you're using a subdomain to access this you will have to configure your server so that it will redirect your subdomain to the correct port (:4567). You can find the instructions in the docs or look at my post here where I redirected my subdomain to the nodebb IP

    If that doesn't work, try re-running npm i maybe it didn't install a dependency correctly?

  • Yeah, it looks like mmmagic module didn't get installed properly.

    npm i mmmagic

  • Thanks. It is resolved now.

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