Guide on How to install this forum for my website?

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    Host I've been with for many moons, has nodejs option?


    which does some what work.... when launching the URL, it shows

    There must be away to get this to work then surely?

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    @PitaJ I finally got back to this... Well, that seems to have helped. The forum is up as 1.12.1.

    I see at least one plugin in that is spewing errors on the console (in ./nodebb dev mode) so I will need to disable that one.

    Big thing I see is that this does not seem to work any longer:

    $(window).on('action:ajaxify.contentLoaded', function(ev, data) { firePiwik(data); });

    Has action:ajaxify.contentLoaded this changed?

    Thanks for all of the help thus far, and over the years!

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    I have a forum hosted on AWS.
    The code is synced to master.
    I am using nginx on the same server, with SSL.
    Furthermore I am using Redis (provided by AWS).

    As of today's noon, when I browse the forum's address, I get ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS on the client side.
    Looking at the server logs I see "Error: misconfigured csrf".

    Let me assure you that the config file was not changed. Furthermore Redis is up and running (I can browse the database via Redis desktop manager).

    I tried resolving it till now (removing all plugins, removing nginx, removing FW, removing SSL, etc. etc.). In addition I changed the config file to:
    https... (the original value). (nginx forwards to that address)

    Nada... Its frustrating...

    Any idea ?
    Thank you in advance!

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    @rod Yeah, the request is appropriate. In fact, people will be invited to groups. There won't be a lot of requesting to join at first...

    I figure this is the functionality I want:

    When a user signs up on my site, create the forum (NodeBB) account. (Is that necessary?) This will give the user on-site messaging with other users. When the user creates a group on my site, create the associated group forum. Set user as owner/admin. Allow other users to join that group by invitation from the owner. When a user closes his account, close the forum group and archive all material. When a user leaves a group on my site, disconnect them from the associated forum as well.

    I'm wondering if Muut would be better for this kind of functionality...

    Any and all opinions requested and appreciated!

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    @baris That does seem to have worked! Thanks!