Command not found / Cant install/setup nodebb

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  • This is a new problem, I have recently had which I didnt have before on other installs.

    root@xxxx [/home/xxxx/nodebb]# ./nodebb setup
    ./nodebb: line 9: which: command not found
    ./nodebb: line 98: : command not found

    any clues on how to resolve this? looks like its an issue with the "npm install" command as it times out

    npm ERR! Command failed: git clone --template=/root/.npm/_git-remotes/_templates --mirror git:// /root/.npm/_git-remotes/git-github-com-wzrdtales-simple-recaptcha-git-d2b10e99
    npm ERR![0:]: errno=Connection timed out
    npm ERR! fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection timed out)

    could this be the issue and if so how do I resolve it?


  • We moved away from a bash script in the latest versions of NodeBB, so you could give that a try.

    Otherwise, it seems the which command isn't leading to a program on your OS... what OS are you using?

  • Im on Centos, and what do you mean you moved away from Bash scripts, when your documentation instructs me so?

    or am i missing something here?

  • The nodeBB startup script used to be a bash script in 0.6, while 0.7 uses nodeJS for it.

    which returns the pathnames of the files (or links) which would be executed in the current environment. (from man page)

    ./nodebb: line 9: which: command not found indicates, that your system is missing this tool.

    Installing which by executing

    su -c 'yum install which' #asking for root password

    should solve your problem. 🙂

  • Hi @rbeer thanks for your reply, I tried the command you provided, but its already installed...

    However, what seem to help was making some changes to git due to a timeout issue or proxy issue.

    [url ""]
    insteadOf = [email protected]:
    [url "https://"]
    insteadOf = git://

    Once I done this, it installed properly and now runs.


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    nodebb LOG:
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