How to import Allura exports (json)

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  • Hi nodeBB team,

    I'm trying to migrate the forum content from an Allura installation, the target will be a self-hosted noteBB.

    Checking the official docs I did not found a topic about import in general.
    How to do it?

    Allura has a built-in export feature that stores the content (text [with markdown syntax],timestamp,author) in a json file. Is there any experience with importing the Allura-exports to nodeBB?


  • Check out and you would need to convert the data you get from allura into the format that nodebb-plugin-import understands.

  • Thank you for the links. As the "how to import" question will be important for many users I'd highly suggest to add this information into the docs and wiki.

    Did no one (including the "paid support") wrote this importer before?
    If not I'd even suggest the "paid support" have at least a thought if an official import option for Allura exports would help nodeBB in general to grow - especially now as SourceForge (which uses Allura and has the same export) looses users which look for alternatives which are able to import the old forum data with as less as possible effort.

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