Users guide to explain "how to use my Nodebb site"

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  • Hi guys,

    Does anybody know where can I find docs or some kind of Users Guide that shows my users how to use my Nodebb site?

    For example, I want to write a page where I can put all info of "how to" in my site:

    • how to change photo profile
    • how to change user name
    • how to receive notifications
    • etc

    I don't mind writing them all, but if they're already exist then I wouldn't have to do the double-work 🙂

    Thanks for your help!

  • We would really, really, love this.

    The ideal place for this is perhaps

    This used to be a wiki for developers but we have since deleted all the pages and moved it to our documentation portal.

    It would be pretty cool to have this as a place where admins can refer to for standard actions (ex. how to ban? how to make new categories? etc). And another category for end-users to learn how to do the basics like you mentioned in the OP

    A million internets to you if you're interested in helping. As we're mostly developers I think the focus on writing guides like this has not really been prioritized at all.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your response!
    So I would start writing the stuff... but I'm afraid it would be then limited to the functions that I'm using for my site, and of course some explanations depend on the theme that I'm using 😄

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