What BB did you use before NodeBB?

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    Out of curiousity 🙂 There are some well-established forum software still stuck in the web 1.0 era but it doesn't mean they are terrible. Got lots to learn from them. What features/plugins/etc. do you want to see implemented in NodeBB? What do you like about us that's different from them, and vice versa?

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    PhpBB, PunBB, IPB, SMF and a lot which I don't even remember. What I like about NodeBB is it's completely different meaning technically and looks as well. All these forum engines use the same look and feel and I hate that. (Although you can theme them to be griddy and nice, but effort)

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    You mean?

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    To be fair there's a demand for that kinda thing but the awesome part is that our theming system can handle that old school kind of forum layout as well (see: https://github.com/psychobunny/nodebb-theme-metrolike, which is a port of a phpBB theme)

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    Discourse directly before NodeBB (Too heavy and memory consuming. Far too hard to set up). Open-source Vanilla Forums before that (far too crippled and behind on features compared to commercial). As half of my site was node.js, I was more than happy to ditch these other solutions for NodeBB.

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    I used php bb alot, I got really good at integrating them into wordpress sites and I'm very comfortable with PHP and since phpbb so far stuck in the past and doesn't use one of the million frameworks out there I could get it to do most of what I needed to without much effort.

    I started using ip.b a bit more as time moved on and worked on integrating that into other platforms. As I grew up I found that most forum software did not and so I started looking for something better.. Looked at discourse, and messed around with moot, but yeah.. couldn't find something that was worth spending time on.

    Stumbling upon nodebb was like finding a gold mine, was very happy with what I saw. Even though I've never used node and I'm horrible with javascript I had to get it up and going the second I found it.

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    I've used VBulletin for 14 years, and Vanilla for 7. people are tired of forums and i dont think you guys should compare yourself much to these dying platforms. "Forum" is a dirty word right now and the more I can aesthetically and functionally distance myself from "forum" the better. I personally am hoping to make this look as much like a blog as possible without losing forum versatility and functionality.

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    I have worked with and used mainly Vbulletin and Xenforo. Xenforo is better than the recent versions of VBulletin. These are too expensive for a forum with about 10 members so they are a no go at the moment. I have also used PHPBB. We tried Vanilla but it didnt seem like it was good for what we wanted.
    With my current set up we wanted to look into new and open source software. Mainly because it was free but also to try out something new and to give a helping hand with its development.

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    I am currently using IPBoard, and I want migrate to NodeBB asap.

    One thing that I missing it's the way to have access on many extensions like shop and support ticket.

    On other side, I am migrating just for have something more lightway, fast.

    IPBoard have thousands of features, in last 2 years, I am still discovering some features on backend, this become hard to manage, and losing time.

    Now before migrate, I need to find a solution for a small shop (digital product), with a Download area, only who purchase can download.

    I just found this: http://nodeshop.org/ but it's incomplete.

    For support ticket, can be done also private forum (User - Admin forum only), but seem missing on NodeBB.

    And in last seem missing an efficient spam control, but seem you are already working on it.

    I hope to migrate soon to NodeBB, since I simple love to use it.


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    I have used SMF, VB4.2 and currently using xenforo and nodebb 🙂

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    10 years on phpbb myself, mainly developing an RPG mod for it called ADR (You ask, RPG's on a forum? -- if you've been with phpbb2 for a while you may have heard of ADR, Cash Mod, Zarath/Moogie's rpgs, and/or nulavatar, the best example being Gaia Online, if you haven't then maybe you've seen forums before with cash/xp/level shown underneath a customizable avatar before at the very least)

    there have been some unsuccessful attempts at porting or trying what we did on IPB and VB although I can't remember their names off by hand.

    battling other forum users is the ultimate form of gamification imo and ADR et al. took it to the next level. I really really really can't wait till I get the free time to try something like that on nodebb 😉

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    I can't wait to see what you have planned for that @psychobunny

    Well I've tried almost every BB there is, even ones you've probably never heard of. All experimenting mostly on the design aspect of the forums.

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    @trevor Hopefully NodeBB's open nature is the easiest to theme!

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    Well here's a breakdown example on the themes and the platform used for them.



    277933v2 (1).png

    ##NodeBB (currently)
    Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 4.43.59 PM.png

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    am I biased or does your NodeBB theme look the best 😄

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    Haha, I really love it a lot too. @psychobunny

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    btw, I really like that "login to get started" arrow you did. could totally be a simple plugin for NodeBB imo

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    I am currently using vanilla forums. Unfortunately the community seems dead aside from a few security updates that are released once in a while.
    I actually had an idea to start creating a forum based on node.js, but then I found you guys!

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    @trevor For some reason, your IP.Board theme got me feeling nostalgic (don't quite know why)

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    Hahah, that nostalgia is why we came back to forums in the first place @CaioDA... forums were a part of our youth, and we just don't want to give them up 🙂

    @bdharrington7 Glad you found us -- I'm sure we'd rather not have a competing Node.js forum product 😄

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    @trevor Now that you mention the design aspect, I've realized that every "modern" forum software has a distinct design that you can notice almost immediately. The one that is the least distinctive in my opinion is NodeBB, and even then, you know when a forum is running it.

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