Masonry in Persona?

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    I'm getting an odd side-effect here. I switched to the Persona theme to see how it was on my forum. Flushed browser cache with Ctrl-F5, nice new list of categories and everything was fine and dandy (see pic 1).

    Then, I clicked into a category, checked out a topic, then clicked my site's logo to return home. The page ended up with the settings applied to categories for Lavender (see pic 2).

    If I type (or copy and paste) the site's URL into the browser, and hit enter, it gives me pic 1. This only seems to happen navigating from anywhere in the site using the home link in the site logo (or clicking Home in the breadcrumbs).

    Anyone any ideas on what's happening? Do I need to remove all custom classes in categories? I've not seen this before.

    Tried Chrome and Firefox, logged in and out.



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    To add, the styling within topics goes off until you flush cache, then it returns on normal reload or revisit.


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    Actually, all my styling in Lavender is now knackered in the same way!

    Styling in topics is all over the place.

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    FWIW I visited your forum and everything looks perfectly fine to me. Maybe clear your browser's cache via ctrl-shift-del?

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    Thanks @psychobunny I tried it in Chrome and it's fine in that, in Firefox though it's still messed up, so I think it's definitely the browser. Cleared browser cache and it's still the same - visit via link it's messed up, reload it's gone.

    I checked the stylesheet source on both but it's identical. Clearly some browser mischief going on here.

    EDIT: seems to be fine now. No idea what was causing that.

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    Yeah. Had this problem either. However, reinstalling NodeBB was solve for me.

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    Yeah, same here. It's FF.

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