[15/01/2014] Upstream Maintenance (16th to 17th)

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    From our upstream hosting provider:

    START: 2014-01-16 20:00 PST (UTC-8 )
    END: 2014-01-17 04:00 PST (UTC-8 )

    We will update and expand our network infrastructure to provide additional capacity and expansion of the SFO1 datacenter.

    Expected Impact:

    There will be several minutes of packet loss and high latency as we upgrade our peering and core routers. We will take our peering links out of service one at a time and then transition the rest of
    the network over to the new hardware.


    Due to the popularity of this datacenter, it has grown to the size that our networking infrastructure cannot support more droplets or future features including IPv6. This upgrade will bring the datacenter
    into our high capacity design and enable it for IPv6.

    This preventative maintenance should not affect NodeBBs hosted on sf-1.

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