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    Are you on version 0.9.0? If so I believe this functionality is built in and no plugin necessary.

  • Hi, Yes i am on 0.9.0.. First time using this nodeBB 😄

    I didnt see the option anywhere though for using SMTP without the plugin. I think i got the plugin in working though - i had to restart my nodedb instance after saving the SMTP settings.

    I would love to use the inbuilt one though if it exists?


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    Based on the post, it appears that it is just built in. So it doesn't sound like it actually gives you the ability to setup your own stmp settings. If that is unneeded, then you should be able to just put the email you want it to send from, and it will send. If you do need that, you will likely still have to get this plugin working.

  • @HolyPhoenix

    Thanks for the link.. I guess it is blocked on my work network then. This plugin is working fine for me now since i restarted nodebb (using gmail) so I will just have to get my IT to allow access to my companies SMTP. Thanks again

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    Built in, but very basic. I may add support to use Gmail (or similar) transport, but if you need more advanced local email, use the plugin 👍

  • Got the plugin working with my companies SMTP.. I had the wrong server address lol 😞

  • Ok so local mailer is now build-in. But I was using postfix. The following command is working fine:
    mail -s "Hello world" [email protected]
    This will send me an e-mail.I configured gmail SMTP setting in postfix. I'm 100% sure that is working.

    Using NodeBB I can't send messages. I also can't find any settings page for mail configurations in NodeBB. I don't see any errors as far I can see in ./nodebb log. So what should I do? Why is it not working?

    I already configured postfix, should I also configure nodemailer some how :s ?

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    Removed Post, Fixed my issue. Was the Exim4 configuration file.

  • Can anyone kindly help me figure this out?

    I have installed this among the other mailer plugins, activated them, restarted and reloaded nodebb, but I cannot get to the configuration pages for the plugins.

    No matter which pl ugins I remove or install, I only ever see

    This exact same list. I'm not newbie, but a developer. I can't seem to figure this out. WHY WONT ANYTHING show me the plugin config page in plugins?

  • @Hash-Borgir Update: I had given up until I got a reply from the gurus here, but then I discovered that I had closed my browser, restarted it, and apparently it started to show the new plugins in the config menu. That is strange.

    What can I do to test further if it his a front-end updating issue or something?

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    It might be a cache issue. I'd suggest running in dev mode to disable that if you're trying things out. ./nodebb dev

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    The admin panel is horrible about refreshing to show new plugins.

  • I fixed several problems with this plugin and made a pull request:

    Until someone has time to merge this I published a fork of this plugin with those changes merged in:

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    @dravere You should be able to use the built-in SMTP emailer in NodeBB ACP, and this plugin is no longer required AFAIK.

  • @PitaJ That is sadly not possible. The built-in SMTP emailer lacks several feature this plugin has. I need to send e-mails unencrypted without user authentication to another service running in the DMZ. This is not supported. Sendmail also is not an option thus I can't use services like ssmtp or msmtp.

    With the changes I made to this plugin it not only works with the current NodeBB, but also provides unencrypted and unauthenticated e-mail transport. Quite important if you have a centralized service in your DMZ for relaying e-mails.

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    @dravere in that case, the feature you want could probably be fairly easily implemented in core. I'll look into it.

    One question though: For SMTP, if no auth is required, does providing auth break it, or is it just ignored?

  • As far as I'm aware it breaks it. Because if you provide authentication options nodemailer will try to authenticate and if there is simply no available authentication the server will reject that and it will result in an error.

    The plugin checks if username or password is empty. If either one is empty no authentication option is passed to the nodemailer and thus no authentication takes place.

    Since I need this, I would be happy to provide a pull-request for this in the main code. I think what the plugin is doing could be very easily ported to the fallbackTransport in the core.

  • @PitaJ I probably won't bring the pull-request today as it is too late in my timezone already. But while looking at the code I found two strange things about the fallback transport:

    • It seems it is only configured when NodeBB is startup? But when you change it in the e-mail settings nothing is mentioned that you need to restart the forum for the changed custom e-mail settings to take effect. Am I too tired and looking at this wrong? The fallbackTransport is only configured in Emailer.registerApp and that is only called on startup?
    • Is there a spelling error on line 66 in emailer.js? serice instead of service? Thus the custom smtp never could actually take effect?
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    It seems it is only configured when NodeBB is startup? ...nothing is mentioned that you need to restart the forum for the changed custom e-mail settings to take effect

    Yeah, there's always room for improvement in our explanations on the ACP. I believe it would require a restart to take effect.

    Is there a spelling error on line 66 in emailer.js?

    Yep. That's a typo. Makes it so the custom service wouldn't work. Thanks.

    Edit: I created an Github issue to track these problems: NodeBB/NodeBB#5951

    pitaj created this issue in NodeBB/NodeBB

    closed SMTP Emailer #5951

  • This has now been implemented in 1.6.1.

    Just as a note for people reading this thread and not wanting to read the issue 😄

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