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  • Hey all. While browsing the homepage of my blog, I find no description for any categories. While traversing through categories, I see nothing no descriptions. Am I doing something incorrectly?

  • As far as the home/index page;

    They are there, just not visible by default because the height of the category cuts it off, as well as # of posts to display. Changing the height of the category will allow it to be shown.

    You can also move it to somewhere else by editing the home.tpl and moving {categories.description}.

  • Great. Thanks

  • Admin

    Expanding on what @cani said --

    The category description is also used in:

    • Meta tags (so, crawlers, social media shares, etc)
    • RSS feed XML

    Some plugins (e.g. metro-tiles) will also expose the category descriptions 🙂

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