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    @baris thank you! I fixed this!

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    Just one other update on this, in case it's useful for other users...

    It seems to be this plug-in that creates an issue on lavender: [nodebb-plugin-category-join-group]

    Yesterday's events:
    -I had Persona theme - all fine
    -I changed to Lavender - all fine
    -I installed and then uninstalled above plug-in, and thought nothing of it.
    -Problem arose with categories...

    Today's events:
    -Reverted back to Persona and all was fixed
    -Once again reverted back to Lavender, and still everything was ok.
    -Tried again to reinstall above plug-in - problem came back again

    Again, I have flip-flopped between themes and the problem is sorted, but it definitely seems that the above plug-in doesnt agree with Lavender theme for some reason. Which is a shame, because I'd love to use this plug-in.

    I hope this might be useful for others.

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    @betro-hakala I don't even know what you want to be transparent. Also, if you are using Vanilla theme (not Persona) then the theme's options won't be in NodeBB Category options, those are completely different.
    Could you send a screenshot of what you want transparent? That would help us help you.

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    @dravere said in Is there a way to display moderator rights only in category the user is a moderator?:

    Otherwise I think it could be done via the hook filter:topics.addPostData? Just iterate over the posts array, get the category, and for every user of a post add an object to custom_profile_info with the property content set to some HTML indicating moderator rights?

    Probably this... alternatively, use the groups method, but hook into filter:topics.addPostData to remove the group badge if they're not in the category that user moderates?

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    I updated persona & composer to the latest version but subcategories doesn't show