[SOLVED] Upgrading NodeBB 0.6.0 to 0.7.0+

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  • Hey @WildPointer, are you updating this right in your production instance or are you using a dev instance to test it first?

    I don't have anything in production yet, but I've been staying on master. In regards to your conflicts though, that happens if I (or some other process) added or modified something in the directory tree.

    A git checkout should be sufficient, but then you'd have to make a backup of your db and then call ./nodebb upgrade to update your db to the new schema if needed

    I just tried to reproduce what you're trying to do, so here's what I did:

    git checkout tags/v0.6.0
    ... boot up, add some groups, users, and posts, shut down ...
    git checkout tags/v0.7.0
    ./nodebb upgrade
    ^ at this point, there was a db schema conflict and I couldn't upgrade, so I did:
    git checkout tags/v0.6.1
    ./nodebb upgrade
    .. boot up and check everything is fine ...
    then, I could do
    git checkout tags/v0.7.0
    ./nodebb upgrade
    ... boot up and verify upgrade.

    just make sure you have backups! It's not version 1.0.0 yet so be vigilant about those things. I know I'm not as good at that as I should be 😄

  • @BDHarrington7 Thanks for your reply.
    I have two VMs, one of them is production and another one is for test/experiment and the source code is 100% identical between these two machines.(even though once I tried it on production server to make sure it's not sync/copy problem between two machines.)
    Actually I've tried many different methods and my forum is just a vanilla one without any modification(except favicon) so I think it's not normal to have conflict with 12-20 files only in the base code.
    I'm not sure but I think I've tried this method(the last time) and everything went smoothly until I opened my forum and saw absolutely no content! Only the top menu and footer was there. No user, no post, nothing at all. I'll try again and I'll inform you as soon as I can work with that box.
    and about the version, you're right but you should know how it's awful when you feel stuck..
    Thanks again, I'll do it ASAP and inform you

  • Did you happen to be logged in when you saw the blank forum? I saw some weirdness when I was importing posts a little while back on master where I wouldn't see any content unless I was logged in as an existing member

  • I think I wasn't logged in but as I told you, the website was not functional at all! even the HTML tags was not properly rendered(inspected using CTRL+U).
    Now I've tried what you said and again failed with the same error message(NodeBB Upgrade could not complete, as your database schema is too far outdated). Here's what I did:

    $ git checkout tags/v0.6.1
    $ ./nodebb upgrade 
    After upgrade, I've seen some green notice regarding the database schema update and everything went smoothly.
    $ ./nodebb start
    And of course started and working like a charm
    Then I stopped the nodebb using :
    $ ./nodebb stop
    After that, I've tried to checkout 7 branch using:
    $ git checkout tags/v0.7.0 and I got error regarding the tags(and I think it's normal because my nodebb is running on 0.6.0 branch and doesn't know about 0.7.0 which is actually in future)
    So I ran:
    $ git fetch
    In order to get the latest commits/branches
    Then I successfully switched to 0.7.0 branch using:
    $ git checkout tags/v0.7.0
    After that I tried to upgrade
    ./nodebb upgrade
    Oops, database schema outdated bla bla bla and that's what I've got in the end.
  • @BDHarrington7 Can't believe it! Now I believe in miracles 😄
    Here's what I did:

    1) git fetch
    2) git describe --tags
    3) ./nodebb upgrade
    Successful with some database schema update
    4) ./nodebb start
    Works like a charm
    5) git checkout v0.6.1
    6) ./nodebb upgrade
    Successful with a bunch of database schema updates
    7) ./nodebb start
    working perfectly
    8) git describe --tags
    9) git checkout v0.7.0
    Previous HEAD position was 4686ae9... 0.6.1
    HEAD is now at 43b90c5... fixed #3218
    10) ./nodebb upgrade
    NodeBB v0.7.0 Copyright (C) 2013-2014 NodeBB Inc.
    bunch of info messages and database schema update
    11) ./nodebb start
    Gosh! Finally!!!

    And yes, now I believe it's perfectly possible to upgrade 0.6.0 to 0.7.0!

  • Awesome! glad you got it working 🙂

  • @BDHarrington7 Thanks a lot man, you've done some great enlightening regarding switching those tags 😉

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