I own talksmoke wanna change from vbulletin to this

  • Hey i want to take my forum talksmoke dot come which is actually quite a huge cannabis forum and i wanna try and keep the post which i have no clue how thats gonna work and i wanna find someone that cna do the transfer and switch over for me. I really like this script even though i paid 300.0 for the new vbulletin just wish the theme was better over there!!

  • Am a member over there, would love if it came to this script i like it man. Hope you find somone that can help you!

  • Sales[at]nodebb.org will be able to assist you with transferring your db from vbulletin to nodebb. Alternatively I'm pretty sure there's a plugin that will do the majority of the import for you. Mileage may vary when it comes to vbulletin specific bbcode though.

  • Hmm yea i need to email them, so your saying ill be able to keep all my Vbulletin database?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @Vito-Bennett Yes sir, we migrate users, topics, categories, and posts.

    We don't migrate passwords though, so your users will have to reset their password once the new forum goes up.

    Contact us at [email protected] and we can hand over a quote 🙂

  • can i just get a skype name to one of them so i can chat through support, it seems emails are not getting answered.

    email me

    owner ( at ) talksmoke dot com

  • Admin

    Hey, we didn't get an email from you (maybe went to spam?) In any case, emailing you now 🙂

  • emailed a reply. Anyone got any links to some theme's or good designers that could do us a new brandable logo for the forum with the name GrowShows DOT com - Formaly Talksmoke since we are moving the domain talksmoke DOT com where vbulletin5connect is on.


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