Embed in post plugins not working

  • I have nodebb-plugin-soundcloud, nodebb-plugin-video and nodebb-plugin-google-spreadsheet. I can't seem to get them to work. If I understand correctly, I should be able to go to a google spreadsheet, copy the share URL and paste it straight into the reply compose window. Then the plugin should parse the link and show the spreedsheet embedded in the post.

  • Trust two of those plugins to be mine. 😆

    You can use this one for soundcloud for now, it's the same plugin, just up to date and with a different colour play button.


    I'll update them both to support latest and post here when done. As for the video one, probably the same issue.

  • Cool, I'll test that when I get to my PC

  • I've updated the sound cloud plugin. But not pushed it to npm. Will do it when I get to work shortly.

    You can clone it directly from github at the minute though.

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