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  • Hello!

    We are about to launch our gaming community website on February 14, 2014. We are now thinking of what forum to use although we know nothing of coding being just video editors ourselves. So we probably will try your hosting options, question is:

    1. Can NodeBB be integrated to our Wordpress site? Can we use our own header? Can the address of the forum be community.filosgamer.com?
    2. Will there be custom themes available?
    3. Is it hard to recreate the look of convoe.com? That forum looks amazing!
    4. Can we easily change the image within the category boxes?
    5. Will it be easy to moderate the forum?

    Sorry for a lot of questions, and thanks for the time. Your forum looks really great! I Tried emailing [email protected] but they haven't replied back..

  • Hi @filosgamer! Sorry about the lack of response when you inquired via email -- we were in the middle of a couple of features and your email must've slipped past πŸ™‚

    1. NodeBB is a standalone web application. However, I believe that it would be possible to load NodeBB in an iframe inside of a WordPress page. Another option is to create a custom theme that mimics the look of the parent web page. The following are examples of this in action:
    2. Out of the box, NodeBB supports different colour themes through the Bootswatch system. Third-party themes are also available for download (for example, on this forum, the "cerulean" theme is in use). These themes are available to customers on the premium hosting platform as well.
    3. Convoe is a custom forum created by @trevor. It does look quite amazing! Mimicking something like that would constitute a custom theme. We can talk further about pricing for that if you'd like.
    4. Definitely, you can upload your own image. The univunix forum I linked above uses custom category images.
    5. Yes, all administrators have post edit/delete/split/move capability, and optionally, can set reputation thresholds that will allow the community to moderate itself. The ability to appoint moderators is also under consideration, although is not part of the NodeBB core as of yet.
  • I believe @psychobunny can expand on how NodeBB can be integrated into a WordPress site

    A Wordpress commenting system is on the road map, something we're very keen on getting off the ground.

    Like Julian said, we're able to customize NodeBB to play along with WP, something we did at http://community.onehundredfreebooks.com

    If that's something that you're interested in going for let us know and maybe we can figure out something. πŸ™‚

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