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  • Hey everyone,

    My question is very specific: is it possible to hide sensitive data when composing/editing a post? I have a NodeBB forum where people may post some private information, but the content of the post itself is relevant to other users, so I don't want to hide it completely: only certain information, which will be shown only for administrators.

    Example: to integrate some SDK, a user requires an ID, but this user is having issues with the integration. Then he creates a post with his logs, asks for help and those logs contain his ID and other stuff. While the user can hide his own ID, I want that ID to not be shown at all for regular users/guests, but show normally for administrators, since we can track his bug easier with his ID. That's more or less the use case.

    Do you guys know if there's a plugin or markdown command that does this?


  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Not off the top of my head, as this is a very specific use case...

    But brainstorming...

    • You'd want to create a plugin that acts on the filter:parse.post hook, and removes private information (of your choosing) based on whether the user is an admin or not.

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