So I found out about NodeBB today

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  • Different icons on NodeBB?

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    @baris Maybe it was just a bug or you/one of the devs fixed it. Anyways, do you have any info on my question? or anyone else do you have any answers?

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    "url": "",

    replace that with
    "url": "",

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    @misdigest If they are not compatible with your version of NodeBB then you can either downgrade NodeBB, not use the plugin or try and upgrade the plugin yourself. You could also ask the developer of the plugin if they will upgrade it for better compatibility.

    Usually the errors will give you some information on what is causing the problem.

    at Object.Soundcloud.init [as method] (/root/misdigestbb/misdigestbb/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-sso-soundcloud/library.js:26:66)

    Suggests that the nodebb-plugin-sso-soundcloud plugin is causing one problem

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    @julian said:

    The idea is they're compatible, although I think at the moment, it only works with 0.4.x of Ghost...

    Thanks for your reply. I will try with ghost 0.4.x then.
    Thank you very much.

    UPDATE: I've just tested the plugin with version 0.4.2 of Ghost and all ran smoothly. The problem for me was the "Same Origin Policy" testing the plugin in my local instances of Ghost and Nodebb. I will now re-try the installation with the latest version of Ghost and let you now if i find any problem. Thanks again. 😃

    UPDATE2: I've tested the plugin with version 0.5.8 of Ghost. I get an error related to the ghost API. Even logged in the api responds with 401 unauthorized. I think that is the step involved of publishing the post from ghost to nodebb (while fetching the blog entry content). Think this issue is already known by @psychobunny . Fun fact is that i can post comments en entries already published on nodebb and all works good.

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