How to display category as a list?

Technical Support
  • Hello, I am trying to change my category layout to be a list (for example how currently looks like) but so far on my default 0.6.1 install, they are displayed as tiles.

    How can I change it to a list instead of tiles?

  • @Condorr category display depends on the theme you are using. Vanilla and lavender themes display categories as titles.

    This forum is using nodebb-theme-persona, this is a new theme and is only compatible with NodeBB v0.7.

    NodeBB v0.7 is not released yet. You can either upgrade and use development version and switch to persona theme (there may be bugs) or wait until v0.7 is released.

  • Thank you. I am new to NodeBB so I wasn't sure if there was a option or plugin I could install that would change it to a list layout. Just wanted to double check that I wasn't missing anything.

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