The themes are mixed - Now Nodebb don't work - Help Me.

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    Ah yea, then I'd recommend using a development environment. It's never smart to make design-breaking changes to your production installation.

    Also, I have many problems with the theme I used so I utilized the custom CSS option in the ACP. It gets included on every page after the other css files so you can overwrite and directives and it applies immediately, no cache necessary.

  • @KingCat said:

    development environment

    development environment - what exactly is it?

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    A development environment is a secondary install of nodebb that your users don't know about. Maybe it's installed on your local computer or on a cheap VPS somewhere on the internet. It's primary purpose is to contain volatile changes to your site. You can do whatever you want, break it, tear it down, reinstall from scratch, etc and your users are unaffected.

    So you do your changes to your templates, get them looking exactly how you want and everything working right. Then you push those changes to your production server and display them to your users.

  • @KingCat
    All right. Thanks for the help!

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    You're welcome. I hope you get it working how you want it 🙂

  • I thought about why the problem appeared only in the new version 0.7.0-dev?
    The stable version 0.6.1 of the problem was not observed.

    Was added function that creates this inconvenience?
    If so, I would like to delete it. Unfortunately, I am not good.

  • @yariplus said:

    Yeah, this is definitely an issue that needs fixing. I'm sure they'll fix it before release though.

    Clearing cache of course works, but it's completely unrealistic to expect users to do this. (I had to look up a tutorial just to figure out how to clear cache in chrome. 😡 friggin' hate chrome.)

    Why do you use Chrome if you hate it?

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    @rMBP I just use it for testing my plugins. 😉

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