Why the heck do people think NodeBB costs money? - Rant

  • If they can't read that it's free, what chance have they got installing it.

    At least the forum doesn't have page after page of "where's the install.php file, zomg don't work"

  • Anime Lovers

    I do recall the website being different as well as the paid plans being pushed more when I joined a year ago. But I always knew it was free since even before I joined the community on Nodebb. I think it's more that people didn't do their due diligence research before going around and posting about NodeBB, so they didn't get all their facts straight. NodeBB was doing the same thing other popular forum software was doing when they pushed their own hosting plans. For some reason people still got the facts straight for those scripts (discourse, vanilla, etc).

  • I think it's also the incorrect belief that a VPS is extremely expensive and not worth the money, but yet will pay similar amounts to be given minimal amounts of space on a godaddy server with loads of other websites.

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    Believe it or not we get emails from people asking us/confirming that nodebb is free to self host.

  • NodeBB_Pricing_-_2015-04-10_19.40.57.png

    Maybe add a subnote that the free refers to the download of NodeBB and that you'll have to pay for a VPS.

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    @a_5mith Yeah @psychobunny is working on a new marketting page that makes this clearer.

  • @baris said:

    @a_5mith Yeah @psychobunny is working on a new marketting page that makes this clearer.

    Good stuff, maybe also add an artsy screenshot of the actual software on the home page as well. 🙂

  • Admin

    Might as well give you guys a sneak preview 😛


    The source is public: https://github.com/psychobunny/nodebb.org/tree/master/manifest

    I don't intend on putting this live until we are close to NodeBB's 1.0x release, which we'll be working on as soon as 0.7 is out

  • I have read discussions about NodeBB on The Admin Zone, Discourse forums and all over the web. At this stage of product life cycle you should not be worried about them. You can learn a lot from their comments as many of post authors are experienced forum admins and software developers.

    Hard to install? Relative. Around year 2000 we used Ikonboard (Perl) and it was not easy to install nor configure. When you like forum software look and feel plus its features you'll learn fast how to use is no matter how hard it is.

    Nothing wrong when you ask about license terms and conditions. If you see an error on Wikipedia or similar websites with content written collaboratively by volunteers just register and change it. I have done this before on Wikipedia and their software Comparisons.

  • Yeah i pay $2.50 for a vps to run NodeBB 😛

    2GB ram
    1TB Bandwith


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