Persona Theme - Strange Behavior With Reply Buttons

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  • Can't really explain this, but I was scrolling through the Persona theme announcement thread and got some very strange behaviors. Don't know if this is theme-related or a problem with the engine. Screen shots to explain are below. I'm using Chrome 41.0.2272.118 m which claims it is up to date (and so it probably is). Console was free of errors.

    First example:

    Second example:

    In both cases, I believe there should only be one reply button at the bottom of the page. I think this may be related to using the mouse scroll-wheel to scroll down the page.

  • Reproduced both behaviors with a trip back to that thread (which is pretty long at 104 posts) and also on this thread which has 53 posts.

    Also, the extraneous reply buttons don't do anything - they're just hanging out there.

  • Happens after loading more posts. So could be an issue with infinite scroll.

  • Weird I can't repro on this forum or my dev.

  • You're not using maintenance mode here and v0.7.0-dev is updated regularly. On sites running PHP such behaviour comes from files being overwritten during maintenance.

  • I just saw this issue on this forum. I was reading the persona preview thread, ignoring the box telling me to go where I left off. Then I quickly scrolled to the bottom. There were 5 reply buttons in a row with no posts between them.

    I am using the latest version of chrome.

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