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  • Hello,

    I'm ready to launch my NodeBB forum to the public. I've registered my domain on GoDaddy, and I know I need to point that domain to my Digital Ocean droplet IP address.

    At least, I believe that's how it works. I've looked over some other discussions on this and seem to get a bit lost. For example, do I need to change my config.json base url to http://domain.com, and then use ngix as well? Or, can this all be done through Digital Ocean and Godaddy?

    Steps I've taken so far:

    In Digital Ocean, under the DNS tab:

    I've added my GoDaddy domain to my droplet and it filled the IP address automatically (my droplet Server IP).

    *In GoDaddy: *

    Under DNS Zone file, I changed my A(Host) to point to my droplet server IP address (I don't know if that was a step in the right direction, or if I should have left it as it was).
    Considering my puzzle pieces are these listed below. (It's easier for me to think of them as parameters to plug in somewhere):

    • Droplet Server IP

    • DNS A(Host)

    • config.json

    • ngix

    • GoDaddy Domain*

    I believe I have all the pieces, I just need some assistance on putting them all together. I've never done this before, so any help on this would be very appreciated. I hope I was clear my my explanation, and thank you in advance.

    Edit: In addition, is there a way to run the Redis Server on Digital Ocean forever, without having to go into my terminal/console and starting it using ./nodebb start?

  • Thank you very much, that did the trick. However, will this allow my Redis server to always run? If not how can I configure that?

  • You can check redis.conf file for daemonize no option and change it to yes.

  • @JonDoe12 Redis should be running automatically on start if you installed it using apt

  • Yes, but I don't want to manually start it everytime. I want it to run forever, even when I end my ssh sessions, when I'm not around, etc. Does it already do that? I could be mistaken.

  • Yes, it will work in the background.

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