Introducing the NodeBB 0.7.0 Persona preview

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    I wait this version.

  • It will include the button on botton-right to stretch the wide of the contents, and make them occupy all the screen? I loved that from lavender.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @julian said:

    Who knows, maybe there will be an update that'll expose masonry-style categories back to Persona nudge nudge

    Persona preview image suggests this 😄 but I guess (as of the "v 0.0.7", I doubt he did such an downgrade for this) @psychobunny just didn't get the time to update yet. issue created

  • Admin

    ahaha. who knows, maybe after all the issues are completed it will look 100% different

  • Community Rep

    Looks great!

  • phantastic

  • @maximus123

    I git cloned nodebb for the dev version, then I installed it via the plugins menu in the admin panel.

  • Thanks for the tip !

  • I actually Prefer the old version's home screen. I liked the way it looked and was more like a news paper and less like a forum.

    As mentioned would be nice to have an easier way to quote someone.

    Also, @psychobunny

    Also, any idea on when nodebb 1.0 is released? and is there a road map?

  • Impressive work guys!
    Love the look on this new theme and the editor looks great!

    Do you think it would be possible to activate Persona via the admin panel only for mobile devices?
    I'm not ready to let go of lavender yet, especially because of the masonry-style, but I would definitely use this one for the mobile layout.

  • Some questions now...

    How can I quote or reply to somebody? User interface seems more minimalist or do I miss something?

    And why does the landing page of look different than Are there somewhere settings? Or is it not compatible with 0.6x?
    EDIT: I reverted back to Lavender for now.

    Which plugins are further installed here?

    When will it be production ready? When will be around the corner too? ☀

  • @v4 those functionalities are not present yet on this theme.

  • Just an opinion,
    me no likey forum home view, i kind of like the fact that lavender uses the whole page, rather than a centered list of all the forums. at first glance the right panel looks as though it shows the latest conversations, then later realize its color-coded to each forum. i like the conversation view inside a thread though and the transparent composer (perhaps could be made a bit taller). Font on the composer blurs when scrolling down

  • Bitchin!

    When can we kind of expect this to be ready for usage?

    We are working hard on our Wordpress website and would love to incorporate this theme on our forum when we go live in a week or so.

    Great job guys!

  • Get rid of the black box with this custom CSS. Just set it in the admin panel.

    #content {
        margin-top: 40px;
    #content div.jumbotron:nth-of-type(1) {
        display: none;

    Screenshot from 2015-03-26 00:47:02.png

  • So i've just installed the theme on our forum. Love how it ALREADY works!

    Now I'm looking for a way to get custom logo's / icons for every forum. It'd be appreciated if there would be a way to use your own .svg's (vector) instead of having to use font awesome.

    This would add a lot more power to the nodeBB forum and it's essential for our forum.

    Would this be possible for you guys to integrate?

  • Admin

    Try this,

    Take your svg's and create a font out of it, and then override fontawesome I guess? There's probably more than one way of doing this, but definitely won't have to edit anything in core to do it, just the theme

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Ideally I'd love to remove fontawesome as a dep, but I think we're trying to make it theme-specific? That would be best

  • @psychobunny I've tried to use that website indeed.

    Would you be so kind to explain a bit more when it comes to the custom css?
    I've added the link that it gives me but it doesn't pull the icon yet.

    @julian said:

    Ideally I'd love to remove fontawesome as a dep, but I think we're trying to make it theme-specific? That would be best

    That makes sense

    Something else:

    I can't seem to remove custom images from pre-existing groups that I had before installing this theme. It is also not working to add custom images to new groups.
    It just seems to ignore the image.

    Having my own custom svg icons would of course solve this but it might also be good to fix this if more people experience this problem.

  • This is pretty much a very quick feedback after browsing this forum with the NEW theme (capslock'ed because I like this new look).

    1. Need better font styling for the quote (and spoiler too), maybe? I noticed the bigger font size. Sorry no suggestion for code (I am in hurry).
    2. Might need lightbox to display the picture embedded in the thread, if I am not alone feeling that opening the image on a new tab after clicking that image feels tad bit annoying.

    All in all, I truly like this theme. Sexier, and it looks like candies to my eyes.

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