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    I tried to build it again, yes, once I install nodebb-solr by the following command, and active it in the ACP, then I cannot open /admin page.

    npm install nodebb-plugin-solr

    as soon as I remove it by

    npm uninstall nodebb-plugin-solr

    I can open ACP page. I am using nodebb v1.18.6. I find this solr plugin was updated recently from 5,3,0 to 5.3.1, I think maybe there is a bug?

    GitHub - julianlam/nodebb-plugin-solr: Full-text searching for NodeBB using Apache Solr

    Full-text searching for NodeBB using Apache Solr. Contribute to julianlam/nodebb-plugin-solr development by creating an account on GitHub.


    GitHub (github.com)

    Alright, right now I use the following to fix it:

    npm install [email protected]

    Now it works.

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    Yeah I know, will update later.

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    Will offer my way of fixing.. probably something went wrong in the themes, aside from css, probably version mismatches with the core nodebb version your using. The below will revert to working vanilla and lavender theme versions that match w/ your core nodebb install version. (probably need to stick with whatever theme versions it reinstalls, because I've always had problems w/ updating themes, I don't upgrade them anymore) Stick with what came with the nodebb install originally. This will revert back to originals:

    ./nodebb stop (close nodebb) npm uninstall nodebb-theme-lavender npm uninstall nodebb-theme-vanilla npm install nodebb-theme-vanilla npm install nodebb-theme-lavender

    ./nodebb start. try avoid editing too much .less and .tpl in the theme files and stick as much as possible in the Custom css area in your ACP

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    It's a bit off-topic but still related to default settings for external links. I haven't tested the acp of 0.7.0 yet and I was wondering if there was something like a whitelist for external links? Then if someone click on an external link we can activate the warning page "you are leaving the forum", but if it's a sub domain, a root domain or a trusted url (youtube) for example we don't show this page.

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    @julian you'd hope that would be the end of rubbish like tapatalk, but people still want it. 😕