• @anodetobb anyone??

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    Not sure why youtube url doesn't work. I opened an issue on the dependency used to parse the feed. https://github.com/rbren/rss-parser/issues/206

    barisusakli created this issue in rbren/rss-parser

    closed 404 error on youtube rss #206

  • @baris Thanks for that.

    I have another question I hope that's ok 😉

    The RSS feed poster is pulling in a podcast but it is only displaying the link and not embedding a playable Podcast, is this possible?

    Many thanks

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    You could use an embed plugin in combination with the rss feed plugin. Maybe nodebb-plugin-iframely.

  • @baris works a treat, many thanks 🙂

  • @baris Just wondering if you have come up with a fix for this issue or know what's causing it?

    thanks 🙂

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    I have no idea, I opened an issue on the rss parser dependency.

  • @baris Thanks, hopefully someone is able to fix 🙂

  • @baris just about to try this to feed our forum with some RSS.

    Are there any plans on adding RSS content to the 2.x releases, or should I downgrade to have that functionality? Will you continue to support the 1.x releases?


  • @klockprat answering myself here, I decided to go with an external service instead (Zapier in my case) since I need a couple of other automations as well anyway 🙂

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    I have no intention to add post parsing to 2.x.

  • @baris suddenly this morning, I am unable to pull any feeds and convert to posts. When checking link URL's, I see

    "getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND query.yahooapis.com"

    Along with the below in ./nodebb log

    2021-06-23T10:00:00.181Z [4567/2000] - error: [[nodebb-plugin-rss:error]] Error pulling feed https://www.securitymagazine.com/rss/15 {"0":"g","1":"e","2":"t","3":"a","4":"d","5":"d","6":"r","7":"i","8":"n","9":"f","10":"o","11":" ","12":"E","13":"N","14":"O","15":"T","16":"F","17":"O","18":"U","19":"N","20":"D","21":" ","22":"q","23":"u","24":"e","25":"r","26":"y","27":".","28":"y","29":"a","30":"h","31":"o","32":"o","33":"a","34":"p","35":"i","36":"s","37":".","38":"c","39":"o","40":"m"}
    2021-06-23T10:00:00.234Z [4567/2000] - error: [[nodebb-plugin-rss:error]] Error pulling feed http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/technology/rss.xml?edition=uk# {"0":"g","1":"e","2":"t","3":"a","4":"d","5":"d","6":"r","7":"i","8":"n","9":"f","10":"o","11":" ","12":"E","13":"N","14":"O","15":"T","16":"F","17":"O","18":"U","19":"N","20":"D","21":" ","22":"q","23":"u","24":"e","25":"r","26":"y","27":".","28":"y","29":"a","30":"h","31":"o","32":"o","33":"a","34":"p","35":"i","36":"s","37":".","38":"c","39":"o","40":"m"}
    2021-06-23T10:00:00.259Z [4567/2000] - error: [[nodebb-plugin-rss:error]] Error pulling feed https://threatpost.com/category/vulnerabilities/feed {"0":"g","1":"e","2":"t","3":"a","4":"d","5":"d","6":"r","7":"i","8":"n","9":"f","10":"o","11":" ","12":"E","13":"N","14":"O","15":"T","16":"F","17":"O","18":"U","19":"N","20":"D","21":" ","22":"q","23":"u","24":"e","25":"r","26":"y","27":".","28":"y","29":"a","30":"h","31":"o","32":"o","33":"a","34":"p","35":"i","36":"s","37":".","38":"c","39":"o","40":"m"}
    2021-06-23T10:00:00.281Z [4567/2000] - error: [[nodebb-plugin-rss:error]] Error pulling feed https://threatpost.com/category/privacy/feed {"0":"g","1":"e","2":"t","3":"a","4":"d","5":"d","6":"r","7":"i","8":"n","9":"f","10":"o","11":" ","12":"E","13":"N","14":"O","15":"T","16":"F","17":"O","18":"U","19":"N","20":"D","21":" ","22":"q","23":"u","24":"e","25":"r","26":"y","27":".","28":"y","29":"a","30":"h","31":"o","32":"o","33":"a","34":"p","35":"i","36":"s","37":".","38":"c","39":"o","40":"m"}

    I have an alternative script I developed that uses the NodeBB API to parse URL's and create posts, and this works fine.

    Any thoughts / ideas ? I'm using the last version that includes the feed body and link if that helps ?

    EDIT: According to this, the Yahoo API (both query and weather) were sunset in Jan 2019, but my guess is that they were left on and forgotten, then suddenly, someone decided to actually pull the plug 🙂

    Sadly, if this is correct, it probably means this affects everyone using this extension without refactor of some sort.

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    @phenomlab Are you using an old version of the plugin? This should be fixed in https://github.com/barisusakli/nodebb-plugin-rss/commit/950dbf392290b38c4b29f458c49fe97caae4949c.

    Plugin no longer uses the yahoo api.

  • @baris Yes, because I need the body populated with the text from the link. If I use the 2.x version, this gets removed.
    Will there be any further updates to the 1.x train ? I have an alternative lined up to meet my needs, but it's a script and not a plugin.

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    I am looking at 1.x and I don't see it using the yahoo api either https://github.com/barisusakli/nodebb-plugin-rss/blob/1.x/feed.js. What version are you using?

  • @baris 1.2.7

  • @baris I think I might know what caused this. I ran an npm audit fix --force which may have downgraded as I was previously on 1.3.2. Just updated to that, and am testing now.

    EDIT - suspicion confirmed - works fine now 🙂 Sorry for the fire drill.

  • I set it up with a podcast RSS, but instead of posting the description of an item, it posts a link instead in the topic. Is there anyway to change this?

    Edit: Nevermind solved it, installed version 1.3.0

  • Why do need to spoil the plugin? Why doesn't it extract the contents of the channel now? What should I do about it? What is the point of using a non-working plugin?
    Even discourse didn't think of such a thing

  • @volanar, can you give an example of an RSS feed that you use?

    UPD. Tried out this plugin. It really creates the post with the only link to the original one 🤔

    UPD2. Use nodebb-plugin-rss@^1.3.2 - it supports the content parsing

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