Come Join Us to Celebrate One Year of MangoLassi on NodeBB

General Discussion
  • Hey everyone, MangoLassi is a NodeBB community run by Grove Social. We've been up and running for a year and tomorrow, Friday the 13th, we are going to be throwing a kind of online "party" on our community. We are an IT and technology social community, a great place to ask technical questions, provide technical insight, join in techie conversations, make geeky friends or just get social with other IT pros. We are a friendly place and would love to see lots of NodeBB friends stop in to say hi and check out the community!

    Here is the announcement link:

    We are choosing tomorrow because our sponsor (Grove Social) is presenting about social media to a large Microsoft event tomorrow morning and many new people will be checking out the site. We are pushing hard to make it a fun day with lots and lots of active people posting all day long.

    Hope to see you all there! Thanks.

  • We are having quite a day. I saw @baris pop in for a minute. We've got record users, both registered and anonymous visitors right now. And definitely record posting. It's going great.

  • Site isn't breaking a sweat even with the five fold bigger load than normal busy days. We are really impressed.

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