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  • Just a thought that occurred... right now:

    User clicks on topic, topic loads first post. If user clicks on the teaser timestamp, they are brought to the last post.

    On mobile, every second counts. Clicking the title instead of the teaser means I have to hit back and then click the teaser again.

    What if the flow for mobile were changed to the following?

    Teaser clicked, same behaviour. If topic title clicked, go to the latest unread post (aka the "bookmark"), if set. Otherwise, go to first post.

    Slight change in UX, but would you find that confusing?

  • @julian Do it, scrolling to the last post is a ballache and a half, it should do this on desktop too, if I've read 3/4 of a topic already and 20 new posts come in, I don't want last post or first post, I want where I last stopped reading from. 👍

  • I'm loathe to do it on desktop mostly because people can become quite
    attached to their flow 😄

    To me, it's much easier to hit "end" a couple times to get to the end of a

    (Replying by email, so let's hope this gets through!)

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