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  • Seems like it could be interesting for those that want Cloudflare with Websockets, but without the price.


    CloudFIRE is a full stack for delivering web apps. It uses NGINX as the web server, and extends it with lots of custom Lua code. The Lua code runs inside the memory of the Nginx workers, and provides the following services:
    •Fake browser detection and blocking
    •Basic session cookies
    •Websocket fan-out / message passing
    •Content cache from redis and/or disk
    •Generalized virtual hosting: a single IP can host many domains
    •Technologies: Nginx, Lua, Redis, OpenResty, Websockets, FastCGI, Python, Flask, FreeBSD.

    It can serve static content directly, dynamic content via FastCGI, and also serve cached content from Redis.
    Learn more at CloudFIRE on Github

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