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  • Hi !
    Im here to speak a little about our future machine for host a website (or more than one 😛 ), but we don't found any STABLE and CHEAP VPS provider in the internet, so we plan on a dedicated server ^^ this one : http://www.online.net/en/dedicated-server/dedibox-xc
    Some question so :
    Monothread performance of this server are terrible, and not good, but there is a lot of core and multithread task are sometime better than E3 xeons, you think redis + nodebb could run well on ?
    Anyone have a good backup script for a redis database to a FTP server ? ^^' Online.net give a 100go storage for backup/security trought ftp, i plan to backup every hourly my redis database 🙂 !

  • @Technowix I am not in the position to answer the question on monothread performance thingy and its relationship with Redis + NodeBB performance. I got couple questions actually.

    1. Sanity check here: €5.99 is very cheap for a dedicated server! (I guess).
    2. Why don't you go with AWS EC2? I'm planning to use EC2 instead of Digital Ocean VPS, because, roughly speaking, $10/month for 1GB RAM instance (which equates $120/year), but on EC2 it is about $75/year (reserved instance, heavy use, t2.small). What I am saying here is that AWS could save you more with reserved instance.

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    @aixnr Nice to hear AWS is coming down in price. I've always thought DO had the best bang for buck.

  • Thanks but AWS and DO are overpriced for nearly nothing :x

  • @Technowix $5 a month for a Linux box is cheap. But I guess it depends on the individuals economy. I used to pay £45 ($68) per month for the ability to sell my own hosting to other people. It was rubbish. 😆

  • @julian @Technowix as far as I am aware, the AWS EC2 pricing, roughly speaking, is significantly cheaper than DO offerings.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 4.48.05 AM.png

    As you can see here, t2.small instance (2GB RAM, 1 vCPU) with 1-year heavy reserved option is priced at $154.80/year, comparing it with DO's 2GB plan, $20/month x 12 months = $240/year.

    p/s: That's the price for an EC2 instance with Amazon EBS volume 30GB SSD. There might be more.

    So, @Technowix, are you sure it is overpriced? Because I am not 😛

  • Awh, Amazon EC2 is REALY priced for not very much... o_o' sometime i really want how you can host something in USA :'D
    AWS and DO have both plan very cool, but really priced :x compared to https://www.ovh.com/us/vps/ , https://www.pulseheberg.com/vps/lc or https://www.harmony-hosting.com/page/vps .... >.<
    Why i don't go for the offer i show ? Cause i want a really stable service and something updated with good hardware (Ovh have they kernel of openVZ still on 2.6.... ._.)
    ALso, @a_5mith , wath is your server spec ? o:

  • @Technowix 512mb single core running Ubuntu 14.04. I'm not saying that Digital Ocean are the cheapest, there's a reason people drive Mercedes Cars instead of cheaper models for example. But, the last two aren't in English, so I can't comment, but if you want the same SLA that Digital Ocean offer (99.9%), then it's $14.99 with OVH. I would be happy to pay an extra $2 per month for the SLA alone.

    512mb of RAM is plenty unless you're a busy forum, I hold 28,000 posts without issue. Plus they offer 24/7 support for free. I can message them any time, they always reply within about 20 minutes. Perfect for what I need, and in my money, $5 is cheap. I pay more than that for Lunch every day.

  • @a_5mith DO look more fancy now... ^^ after pick a choice, anybody have experience with https://www.vultr.com/ ?
    EDIT : i'm testing vultr, for now.... wow o_o


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