Prevent empty widget areas from being hidden

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  • Hi

    I would like to keep some widget area even if they are empty. How can I prevent NodeBB from adding the hidden class to them just after load?


  • Probably this line here.

    if (!renderedWidgets.length) {
    	area.addClass('hidden'); //Remove this.

  • Thanks for that. I would expect some way to configure that. Removing that line would also apply that to all widgets areas, on all themes, right?

    My workaround is to add a plznohide class to the appropriate widget areas' divs and add this to either my theme CSS or the "Custom CSS":

    .hidden.plznohide {
        display: initial !important;
        visibility: visible !important;

    It seems to work as expected. Being able to configure if each widget area should be hidden in the ACP would still be nice.

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