100% no-JS clients compatibility

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    @pitaj Very good point 😄 The digests were added when the plugin system was in its infancy, so breaking it out into its own plugin is the correct thing to do 👍

  • I understand the reasons, that just prevents any reasonably big community from choosing NodeBB. Maybe it shouldn't be a priority, but in my opinion it's something you can't release a v1.0 without.

  • Maybe a stupid reflexion but since NodeJS is based uppon JS if you disable JavaScript that's logic that the forum doesn't work as expected. And more over all the realtime with sockets won't be avaible too, same for the ajax navigation I don't really see how NodeBB could be noJS.

  • @esiao Rewrite it in php... 😆

    Don't send me to the gallows... I'm sorry. 😞

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    What features of the forum should be available without Javascript?

    For instance:

    • Logging in
    • Viewing posts
    • Making posts
    • Editing posts
    • Deleting posts
    • Previewing posts

  • I'm not seeing much point us debating what should and shouldn't be available without the use of JS. As JS is a requirement of websockets, which is (as Julian mentioned) the majority of the forum platform.

    The solution seems pretty simple, use or allow javascript, or the forum is read only. 👍

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    Yeah one thing we love a lot about node.js is the fact that we can share libraries across server and client side. So we only have to write certain modules once (form validation, for example) and distribute to both server and client side.

    I think the read-only mode is a pretty good enough compromise though. For reference, both Facebook and Twitter put you in read-only mode as well. Some software don't even bother with this... just gives you a blank page

    At least in read-only we do retain SEO value on some search engines that don't support JS yet, and of course we do display a message asking the user to switch on JS or download a newer browser 🙂

    EDIT: @a_5mith PHP? 😛 Try logging into vB, without JS enabled

  • @psychobunny said:

    EDIT: @a_5mith PHP? 😛 Try logging into vB, without JS enabled

    I'm sorry, I can't click that link. I blocked vBulletin at router level years ago. 😛

  • @pitaj What you listed seems to be enough. Basic usability would be nice.

    I'll never use NodeBB without JS enabled myself, I just wanted to point out that it's something required if you want to ease some big communities' choice 🙂

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    If you really need this functionality, you could start working on it yourself, and then I'm sure the devs would be glad to merge it into their code.

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