• @a_5mith OK, the fist command fixed the issue. Thanks.

    Is 0.6.0 OK to install? I am guessing nodebb is not stable for production yet...

  • @19eighties Stable should be fine for production, 0.6.0 is still in development phase, so there's a few breaking issues, I'm running it on http://35hz.co.uk, but only because I'm brave. 😆 When 0.6.x is stable and people upgrade from 0.5.x, the whole plugin issue will be less of an issue. But it's quite difficult backporting these sorts of compatability so that plugins aren't updated when they shouldn't be. People will naturally see an update and do just that.

  • @a_5mith Nice landing page. I noticed when an image is uploaded for a category, it is not automatically re-sized to more appropriately fit the box.

    I think it would take a while for me to get comfortable using this forum software as an admin. I like a lot of the features though.

  • NodeBB

    You can change how the image fits from the ACP as well.

    It's under image class, with options auto, cover, contain.

  • @baris Got it, thanks.

    Do category pages have the option of having a banner?

  • @19eighties Define "banner". 😆 You can add an image to the category. But I doubt that's what you mean. You can also add widgets to category headers if that's your thing. 👍

  • @19eighties v0.5.4 (aka v0.5.x) is stable, and ready to roll. v0.60 is the master branch on GitHub, and is actively being developed.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @19eighties said:

    • One thing I started looking into, was the importer plugin. I have it currently installed, when I run it, it looks like there is a pull-down for selecting which import to run, however, it does not populate with any options (FYI). Can I write the git address for the SMF plugin below?

    Sometimes npm api does not return anything 😕 to populate the list, will fix this soon - for now, you can just write nodebb-plugin-import-smf which will install the latest from the npm registry, if you want a specific fork or version, you can use the full git url, i.e. git://github.com/a5mith/nodebb-plugin-import-smf#master, basically any valid repository url

    Also, if you install it once, or if you decide to manually clone it into the node_modules and you do not want the import plugin to touch it or try to install it again, there is an option "Skip Module Install" which you can check to skip the install process, but you still have to leave the name of the module in the input field, i.e. nodebb-plugin-import-smf

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